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While we continue to adjust to our newly acclimated residents and sudden population increase, our doors will remain closed – for now.

But rest assured, those doors will reopen in the near future. Keep watching this page for details.

What is Penumbra?

Tucked away in a private enclosure in Central Florida, PENUMBRA is an independent thriving society with members spanning multiple generations. Our members come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, among them are former doctors, engineers, priests, lawyers, construction workers, and teachers.

We are transforming lives with stress-free, no anxiety living. Structurally sound from its founding principles to its foundation and walls, PENUMBRA offers you a chance to do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Read on to discover why joining PENUMBRA is right for you.




PENUMBRA was created on the fundamental notion that the tension that arises between the individual and the community is not essential, but artificial. Previous attempts to create the perfect society have failed, leading to tyrannies of the most barbaric nature. They did not properly respect the higher qualities of human nature. In PENUMBRA, your path towards self-actualization will run parallel to the actualization of the community as a whole.

But what does this practically mean for you ? Simply, you will be entering the first fully functional, totally harmonious society in the history of mankind.



Our proven Acclimation Process makes entry to PENUMBRA both easy and natural.


You will find yourself in a diverse community of like-minded individuals, all eager to help you make your individual journey.


PENUMBRA is self-sustaining and free from the material and spiritual insecurities of the outside world.


In PENUMBRA, members are able to find work that will nourish their soul rather than their checkbook.


A state-of-the-art monitoring system serves to ensure the physical safety of every member in PENUMBRA.


Who is K. Alexander?

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-Your School of Choice

RUSE Banner

For 8 weeks Deadline to Apply

Dear Prospective RUSE students :

Dear Prospective RUSE students

Rutgers University School of Business–Camden 227 Penn Street Camden, New Jersey 08102-1656

Rutgers University School of Business–Camden

Main Office: (856) 225-6800 Academic Services: (856) 225-6216 Fax: (856) 225-6231 nike air max 2017 womens purple nike

BA in Business Administration Phone: (856) 225-6714 Fax: (856) 225-6231 [email protected]

BA in Business Administration

BABA Online Program Christine Ebner Online Program Coordinator nike free kid shoes

BABA Online Program

Phone: (856) 225-6958 Fax: (856) 225-6231

BizEd Program Dana Barrett Phone: (856) 225-6838 air jordan retro 13 black/red/white fabric

BizEd Program

BLDP Program Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough BLDP Director BSB Room 258 Phone: (856) 225-6592 [email protected]

BLDP Program

Development Office Kate Brennan Director of Development Phone: (856) 225-6577 nike air max plus tn red 65

Development Office

Fax: (856) 225-6231

Undergraduate Advising Phone: (856) 225-6216 [email protected]

Undergraduate Advising

Graduate Advising Jorgelina Sime Phone: (856) 225-6218 [email protected]

Graduate Advising

Master of Business Administration Phone: (856) 225-6452 Fax: (856) 225-6231 [email protected]

Master of Business Administration

PMAc Program Beverly Jaye Ballard Phone: (856) 225-2980 nike air max black black crochet

PMAc Program

Undergraduate Program Dana Barrett Recruiter Phone: (856) 225-6838 women roshe run nike

Undergraduate Program

Recovery Plan for Upland Species of the San Joaquin Valley, California nike air jordan 12 og
. Introduction . nike rosherun print grey mens
. Recovery . Stepdown . Implementation . References . Appendix

Recovery Plan for Upland Species of the San Joaquin Valley, California

5. Temblor Buckwheat ( Eriogonum temblorense )

Taxonomy .-- Temblor buckwheat was named Eriogonum temblorense by Howell and Twisselmann (1963) and is a member of the buckwheat family (Polygonaceae). The type specimen was collected by Twisselmann in Chico Martinez Canyon, in Kern County. The scientific name has remained unchanged since it was published, but various authors (Hoover 1970, Reveal 1989, Hickman 1993, Skinner and Pavlik 1994, Skinner et al. 1995) have speculated that Temblor buckwheat should be combined with Eastwoods buckwheat ( E. eastwoodianum ).


Description .-- The height of Temblor buckwheat ranges from 10 to 80 centimeters (4 to 30 inches) and varies with precipitation. The leaves occur primarily at the base of the plant and are densely covered with matted hairs on both surfaces. The appearance of individual plants of Temblor buckwheat may vary from spring to fall, with the blades rounded early in the year and more elliptical later (Hoover 1970). The branches, which are elongated and spreading, bear flowers only at their tips, where several 2-millimeter (0.08-inch) long, white flowers are clustered inside a cup-like structure. Temblor buckwheat is differentiated from Eastwoods buckwheat and another closely related species, Idria buckwheat ( E. vestitum ), by the placement of the leaves and the size and surface texture of certain flower parts (Reveal 1989, Hickman 1993). However, the spring form of Temblor buckwheat closely resembles Eastwoods buckwheat (Hoover 1970).


Historical Distribution .-- The range of Temblor buckwheat apparently always has been restricted. The historical distribution is based on 19 collections, which are lustered in eight areas of the inner Coast Ranges: Chico Martinez Canyon and the Shale Hills in Kern County; Indian Valley, Parkfield Grade, and Stone Canyon in Monterey County; and Polonio Pass, Cottonwood Pass, and the Shandon area in San Luis Obispo County (Twisselmann 1967, Hoover 1970, CDFG 1995).

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