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Plant Breeding

Discovering traits to improve yield, water efficiency and adaptability.

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We are committed to a carbon neutral footprint by 2021.

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Inclusion Diversity

True innovation requires people who are brave enough to ask big questions and offer truly unique perspectives. Diversity of opinion and knowledge are key to the scientific method, and are therefore key to the way we hire. The more welcoming Monsanto becomes, the more opportunities we have to better serve farmers as they steward the land.

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Connecting with a genetic relative is only the first step in the DNA Relatives tool. Once you've found a genetic relative, a little detective work might let you pinpoint who the common ancestor is. The DNA Relatives tool includes a couple of features that will help you explore your genetic relationship with another 23andMe user. You can also communicate with your genetic relative from within the DNA Relatives tool. As with the sharing of any information, we urge customers to be thoughtful about information they share; please see our Privacy Statement for more information.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips that might help you pinpoint your shared common ancestor:

The DNA Relatives tool estimates a predicted relationship to help you locate your likely recent common ancestor. The predicted relationship is listed under the Strength of Relationship column and again in the Relationship section (when you click on your genetic relative). By translating the predicted relationship to the likely number of generations ago your common ancestor lived, you might be able to identify which of your ancestors you share with your genetic relative. In general, for an "nth" cousin (e.g. n=5 is a fifth cousin), your common ancestors go back n+1 generations; so for a 5th cousin, you share great-great-great-great grandparents.


You share great-grandparents with a 2nd cousin.

All humans have ancestors in common. You and your genetic relative share a somewhat recent common ancestor - that is, a relative who likely lived within the last 10 or 20 generations. Sharing all known family surnames, birthplaces of ancestors, a link to your family tree, noteworthy family stories, and other information may help you may come across a name that you both recognize, and can therefore identify that recent common ancestor.

If you and your genetic relative have established a sharing connection or your relative is participating in Open Sharing, you can click on your genetic relative to see where you share DNA. If needed, you can extend a sharing invitation to your genetic relative by clicking on his or her name and then “Request to share.”

If you happen to be sharing on the X chromosome, you can immediately dismiss certain ancestors as your recent common ancestor. This is because men and women inherit the X chromosome differently. Men only inherit their X chromosome from their mother, while women inherit an X chromosome from each parent. Since men inherit this chromosome differently than women, only certain ancestors could have contributed to the segments of DNA located on your X chromosome.

phpMyAdmin allows relationships (similar to foreign keys) using MySQL-native (InnoDB) methods when available and falling back on special phpMyAdmin-only features when needed. There are two ways of editing these relations, with the relation view and the drag-and-drop designer – both of which are explained on this page.

You need to have configured the phpMyAdmin configuration storage for using phpMyAdmin only relations.

Currently the only MySQL table type that natively supports relationships is InnoDB. When using an InnoDB table, phpMyAdmin will create real InnoDB relations which will be enforced by MySQL no matter which application accesses the database. In the case of any other table type, phpMyAdmin enforces the relations internally and those relations are not applied to any other application.

In order to get it working, you first have to properly create the [[pmadb|pmadb]]. Once that is setup, select a table’s “Structure” page. Below the table definition, a link called “Relation view” is shown. If you click that link, a page will be shown that offers you to create a link to another table for any (most) fields. Only PRIMARY KEYS are shown there, so if the field you are referring to is not shown, you most likely are doing something wrong. The drop-down at the bottom is the field which will be used as the name for a record.

Let’s say you have categories and links and one category can contain several links. Your table structure would be something like this:

Open the relation view (below the table structure) page for the link table and for category_id field, you select category.category_id as master record.

If you now browse the link table, the category_id field will be a clickable hyperlink to the proper category record. But all you see is just the category_id , not the name of the category.

To fix this, open the relation view of the category table and in the drop down at the bottom, select “name”. If you now browse the link table again and hover the mouse over the category_id hyperlink, the value from the related category will be shown as tooltip.

The Designer feature is a graphical way of creating, editing, and displaying phpMyAdmin relations. These relations are compatible with those created in phpMyAdmin’s relation view.


Lofty Stills Seattle, Washington

The musical project of Seattle-dwelling singer/songwriter Luke Culbertson and friends, Lofty Stills envelopes the listener in an ... effortless fusion of Dream Pop, Alt-Country, and Indie Rock: lush instrumentation and yearning tenor vocals, woven into collections of sound. Their debut full length album 'Refrain' is out now. ... more more

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Haley Heynderickx’s Marvelous New Album Focuses on Growth and Renewal

Already taken Hebrew?Consider a double major!

To declare a JUS Major, fill out the Change of Major/College formand make an appointmentwith JUS Advising .

The Judaic Studies Major requires 31 units, including 16 units of coursework in residency and 21 upper division units. Of these, 12 upper division must be used only for JUS. Of these, 9 upper division may be double-dipped with another major or minor. No JUS course used to fulfill a Tier Two requirement can be used for the JUS Major.

Hebrew is the core of the Judaic Studies Major. Many non-Majors enroll in the Hebrew Program to fulfill the UA’s Foreign Language Requirement. The UA Hebrew Program is one of the largest Hebrew Programs in the country. Our instructors use cutting-edge teaching technologies in our courses.

Eligible students can receive credit for up to four semesters of Modern Hebrew through the Hebrew Credit by Exam program.

Specific Requirements Hebrew JUS 301 History Theme Language and Literature Theme Religion and Culture Theme

Complete the remaining 3 credits from Judaic Studies offerings listed above. Any changes to the distribution requirements listed above require the prior approval of Undergraduate Advisor. A second major is optional. Select your minor in consultation with your JUS advisor.

General Education Requirements

General Education: Tier One - Students may elect to take INDV Jewish Thought and Culture in order to lay the foundation for their JUS education. Tier One courses cannot be counted toward the JUS major.

General Education: Tier One

General Education: Tier Two - Tier Two courses cannot be used to fulfill both General Education requirements and JUS requirements.

General Education: Tier Two

Humanities Requirement - The Humanities requirement is satisfied by course work completed for the JUS major. JUS offers five Humanities courses, JUS 301, 325, 372A, 372B and 376. JUS offers two Individuals and Societies courses, JUS 370A and 370B.

Humanities Requirement

Diversity Emphasis - JUS majors may use JUS 325, 370A,370B, 372A, 372B or JUS 376 to fulfill their requirement for Diversity Emphasis Courses: Gender, Race, Class, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation or Non-Western Area Studies.


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